GCS - 2 Hour Delay - ELA Regents Begins at 10:00 a.m.
GCS - 2 Hour Delay - ELA Regents Begins at 10:00 AM

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Understanding Greene Middle School

New teachers, new classrooms, a new building and MANY more new experiences!!

The transition from 5th to 6th grade is an exciting but sometimes overwhelming experience for both kids and their parents. Similarly, the transition that occurs when you move into Greene from another district can also be quite overwhelming.  The resources on this page are designed to help make that process easier.  If your questions are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Worsnopp, Middle School Counselor.   

**If you are interested in receiving email updates from Mrs. Worsnopp, please email her at eworsnop@greenecsd.org**

While none of us like to think of any of our children being bullied, it is important that we recognize signs of bullying and what we can do to prevent it.

Transition/Support Services

Please contact Mrs. Worsnopp with any questions or concerns that you have about your child entering middle school, whether you are just moving to Greene or have a student entering the 6th grade. 

Transition Services/Supports

The following services are provided in order to best meet your child's needs as he or she transitions to the 6th grade or moves into the school district:

5th Grade Parent Orientation--Held in the spring, this is an informational night for parents and students that provides a general overview of what to expect as children enter middle school.   If you were unable to attend the orientation or are new to the district and would like information about Greene Middle School, click here to view the presentation.  

Visit to the 5th Grade Classrooms--In the spring, Mrs. Worsnopp visits each 5th grade class in order to give all students a detailed picture of what their experience in middle school will look like.

5th Grade Visit to the Middle School--In June, all students come to the middle school and meet their 6th grade teachers and receive a tour of the middle school.

Summer Orientation--Over the summer, Mrs. Worsnopp invites students to come in to the school in small groups for a final orientation. At this time, students will receive a copy of their schedule, have opportunities to practice navigating the hallways from classroom to classroom, and participate in a variety of activities designed to help them become more comfortable with the building. Separate orientations are provided for new students entering the district.  Information about summer orientation can be found at the Middle School Counseling home page
New Student Support--If you are new to Greene, start by contacting the guidance office to enroll your child.  Once your child has enrolled, you may arrange for an individual tour of the school before he or she starts.  Your child will be supported on the first day of school by a group of middle school students in his/her grade who will help to ensure that he or she is able to find his/her way around the building without difficulty. 
**If your child is struggling with the transition to Greene, either as a 6th grade student or transfer student, please contact Mrs. Worsnopp or the Team Leader so that we can provide him or her with the supports necessary to be successful at Greene Middle School**
Do you want to know what to expect at Greene MS?  Check out the tips here:
Do you need help with organization?  Check out these resources: 
Educational Links: 
Parent Involvement and Student Success:  Learn why it is important that you stay involved as your child gets older.
EngageNY:  Learn more about the Common Core and what the shift means for your child.
Bully Prevention: 
All students deserve to be safe at school.  Greene Central School District has a bully prevention program, which includes monthly classroom meetings, as part of our committment to ensuring that all students are safe and respected a school.  Click the links to learn more about bully prevention.  
Bully prevention in Greene CSD
How do you know if your child is bullied? 
Internet Safety/Preventing Cyberbullying Resources
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40 South Canal Street    |    Greene, New York 13778    |    Phone 607.656.4161    |    Fax 607.656.9362
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