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Greene Central School District
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Greene Blueprint for Excellence

Greene Blueprint for Excellence

Dear Members of the Greene School Community,


We are exceptionally excited to share this strategic plan with all of you. Our “Blueprint for Excellence” is the result of planning sessions that were held with our Board of Education, Leadership Team, staff, parents and community members. We worked with feedback gathered from the community at the end of last year as we developed a plan that will help us continue to grow and achieve as we strive for excellence in all that we do.


This plan will serve as the backbone for our operations, innovations and program adjustments as we move forward. We recognize the importance of having a goal and a destination in mind. We also recognize the need to engage many stakeholders in the process of determining both where we are heading and the best ways for us to get there. We are committed to regularly reporting our progress in accomplishing our goals and looking forward to making regular updates to this plan based on our progress.


Thank you for your feedback and support. Your collaboration and teamwork make all the difference in the lives of children and the success of the district. 




David G. Daniels                                            Douglas Markham

Interim Superintendent of Schools                 President, Board of Education



The purpose of the Greene CSD is to provide a world-class education in order to develop well-equipped, motivated and adaptable lifelong learners. 

Our graduates will be well-prepared whether they enter the workforce or college. 

Our graduates will have the interpersonal, literacy and problem-solving skills that will allow them to contribute to society and be successful community citizens. 


The Greene CSD will be a model school in providing a flexible and nurturing environment that leverages innovation, collaboration and a variety of opportunities in all areas so as to support student growth and learning. 


Core Values: 

We believe that:

  1. Student needs come first.
  2. Teamwork, collaboration, inclusivity, and equity should be a focus of our work as a district and in our instruction for students.
  3. We should be innovators in the areas of teaching and learning.
  4. We should lead STEAM Educational Initiatives
  5. Working together as a team in the district and with the community is essential.
  6. We will always demonstrate integrity in all that we do.
  7. It is our obligation to communicate clearly and provide transparency