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Greene Central School District

Board of Education


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GCS has transitioned our Board of Education documents over to a new user-friendly platform called BoardDocs.  You can view meeting agendas and minutes from this new link (click on the BoardDocs logo above).  

Featured meetings are on the Home page with a star next to the date.  Additional dates are located under the Meetings tab.  

AGENDAS:  When you choose a meeting, click on View the Agenda.  From there you can click on individual agenda items or toggle up and down the agenda by using the  <  and  >  buttons.  Click on the printer icon and three tabs will be at the top; you can choose a Simple Agenda, Detailed Agenda (and/or the Current Agenda Item).  Alternatively, after you choose the meeting you can click on "Print the Agenda" and choose from the tabs mentioned.

MINUTES:  After you choose a particular meeting, the View Minutes icon is visible for those that have been Board approved.  NOTE:  Once minutes are in draft form (and, therefore, not Board approved yet) they are found on the Home page and/or attached to an upcoming meeting agenda.

Greene Central School District Board of Education

Our Board of Education is composed of seven members who are elected by residents of the school district to serve three year terms. Together, they are the leadership team that defines the vision, goals and policy for the Greene School District.
According to the New York State School Boards Association, a member of a board of education in New York State takes on one of the most important responsibilities that can be assigned to any citizen: helping to plan the education of the community’s youth. The board oversees the education of students and is responsible for school district operations, but does not directly run the district’s day-to-day operations. Greene’s board members are charged with representing the entire community, advocating for public education, and serving as the stewards of the district’s resources.
The Board of Education holds meetings open to the public in the High School Library located at the South Canal Street campus. Meeting dates, agendas, minutes, and related documents are available to the public via the BoardDocs link above.