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Greene Central School District
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Pupil Services

Welcome to the Pupil Services Department

Pupil Services Team
Life is an adventure; there are days when it is exciting and fun, but it can also be overwhelming and hard to understand. Sometimes there are situations in a child’s life that make it difficult to deal with the day to day expectations here at school: anger and frustration issues, changes or problems with the family system at home that affect school performance, learning difficulties, anxiety over schoolwork and testing, low self-esteem, peer conflicts, etc.  

 Our goal is to provide a caring, supportive environment for your child to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.
The Pupil Services Team at Greene Central School includes School Counselors, School Psychologists, and School Nurses.

What is the role of a School Counselor?

The school years set the tone for developing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for our children to become healthy, productive adults. School Counselors work with the goal of assisting in the development of all students. In order to meet student needs, counselors work as a team with educators, parents, and community members to create a caring atmosphere whereby children's needs are met through prevention, early identification, and intervention. At Greene, these services include:

  • Individual & group counseling (CSE & non-CSE students)

  • Character Education Development

  • Academic, Career, and Personal/Social Development of each student

  • Classroom Guidance Lessons

  • Response To Intervention (RTI)

  • Child Abuse Prevention

  • Consultation with school staff, families, and outside agencies

  • Referrals to appropriate agencies

What is the role of a School Psychologist?

The School Psychologist uses knowledge of learning, behavior, and child development to support students and those working with students (school staff, families, counselors, medical providers, and outside service workers). The School Psychologist’s primary focus is on improving the student’s educational experience through academic, social, and behavioral interventions. At Greene, these services include:

  • Student evaluations for learning, behavior, and/or emotional concerns

  • Student observations

  • Behavior Intervention Plans

  • Consultation with school staff, families, and outside agencies

  • Referrals to appropriate agencies

  • Individual & group counseling

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Response To Intervention (RTI)

  •  Committee on Special Education (CSE)

What is the role of a School Nurse? 

The School Nurse administers health care for school-age students, within the basic guidelines of a school setting.  A School Nurse provides basic health care on a daily basis and help ensure a healthy and safe environments for all students and staff.  At Greene, these services include:

  • Provide basic health care in case of injury or acute illness

  • Dispense students' prescribed medications

  • Maintain students' medical files, including vaccination records

  • Perform mandated health screenings

  • Ensure compliance with national, state, and local health laws

  • Serve as liaison between school personnel, family, and community health care providers to ensure a healthy school environment



Comprehensive School Counseling Plan:   Please click here to access Greene's Comprehensive School Counseling Plan. 


High School grades 9-12 
(607) 656-4161
Counselor - Matt Butler ext. 2803;   [email protected]
Counselor - Jessica St. Germain ext. 2813;  [email protected]
Psychologist - Brandy Stone ext. 3806;  [email protected]
Nurse- Lisa Carbone ext. 2809;  [email protected]

Middle School grades 6-8 
(607) 656-4161
Counselor- - Rebecca Clark ext. 3812; [email protected] 
Counselor- Wendy Valentine ext. 3805 [email protected] 
Psychologist - Brandy Stone ext. 3806;  [email protected]
Nurse- Lisa Carbone ext. 2809;  [email protected]

Intermediate School grades 3-5
(607) 656-9891
Counselor - Charla Starliper ext. 5804;  [email protected]
Psychologist - Alyssa Stolarcyk ext. 5805;  [email protected]
Nurse- Pam Bailey ext. 5803;  [email protected]

Primary School grades K-2
(607) 656-5174
Counselor - Karen Alunni ext. 6804;  [email protected]
Psychologist - Alyssa Stolarcyk ext. 6805;  [email protected]
Nurse- Pam Bailey ext. 5803;  [email protected] or Charlene Jayson ext. 5803 [email protected] 

Local Resources

Greene Community Clothing Bank
(Genesee Street above the Village Offices)
Tues/Thurs 10-noon, Saturday 9-noon
(607) 656-8256

Greene Community Food Bank
(at Berean Bible Church, Corner of Route 12 and Route 2)
2nd and 4th Tuesdays and Thursdays  9:30-noon
3rd Saturdays 10-noon
(607) 656-7028

First Call for Help—Chenango County
General information about local resources

Chenango County Behavioral Health Services
(607) 337-1600

24 Hour Crisis Helpline (CPEP) 
(607) 762-2387
Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT)
(315) 732-6228