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Greene Central School District
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Elementary School Counseling

Welcome to Greene Elementary Guidance Services

Please see our personal pages for more information about the services we offer.
At Greene Primary and Intermediate Schools, the Guidance Department has taken on many different roles in order to best serve students and families alike. School staff understand that situations outside a child's control can have an impact inside school, specifically on a child's academics. Below are some of the services shared between the School Counselor and School Psychologist depending on the situation at hand. Always feel free to contact your child's school to speak to us about any questions you may have.

-Individual counseling

-Small group counseling

-Counseling services for students with social and behavioral difficulties

-Crisis intervention

-Behavior/incentive charts

-Parent consultations

-Outside agency referrals

-Information/support for families with economic needs

-Response to Intervention (RTI) Team

-District Pupil Services Team

-Character Education

Counseling in and out of school

Parents often wonder, is the problem my child having something that should be addressed with counseling? The answer to that question is often a complex one! Mrs. Stolarcyk and Ms. Alunni are always available to speak to you about any concerns you have regarding your child's mental health from small to large. Together we can discuss what is going on, how your child is handling the situation and what the best plan is for moving forward.

In School Counseling: We are able to offer counseling to students at school when the concerns are having an effect on the student's ability to work and learn at school. Additionally, we are able to see students on a short term basis for any type of change or upset a child may be feeling.

Out of School Counseling: Many of our students attend counseling outside of the school setting for various different reasons. Feel free to call one of us at any time to help determine if this might be right for you and your student. We have local counseling resources that our students have used in the past which we would be happy to provide you.

Health and Wellness Opportunity
Maintaining your child's emotional health is just as important as maintaining his or her physical health.  We are happy to offer free and confidential emotional and behavioral health screenings to all students in our district.  Please click here for more information about this opportunity, and click here to download and complete the free and confidential screening.  Screenings are completely confidential and can be returned in a sealed envelope to Pam Bailey, Primary and Intermediate School nurse. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Alunni, Primary School Counselor for more information.      

What is Response to Intervention and the RTI Team?

Response to Intervention or RTI is a system used to screen, assess, identify, plan for and provide interventions to any student at risk of school failure due to academic or behavior needs. (Currently New York State requires the RTI system be used for reading.)  
It is the school's responsibility to find the instructional strategies that will unlock the student's learning potential. Only when the student shows through well-documented interventions that he or she has 'failed to respond to intervention' do we begin to investigate the possibility that the student may have a learning disability or other special education condition. This documentation process is done through the Response to Intervention/RTI Team in each building. The team is made up of general education teachers, special education teachers, school counselor, school psychologist, principal, and other service providers who brainstorm ways to help each individual.
It is our hope, that through interventions, each child will become as academically successful as he or she can be. Just because a child is brought to the Response to Intervention Team does not mean he or she has a disability.

Blessings in a Backpack

Blessings in a Backpack is a unique program designed to feed our school children who are at risk of having little or no food on the weekends.  As a result of a food shortage on the weekend, the school notices low test scores, poor reading skills, poor behavior and sickness. Better test scores, improved reading skills, positive behavior, improved health and increased attendance have all been attributed to the success of this program. On Fridays, students are set home with a bag of food items to eat over the weekend.

To sign up for the program, click here.  Print and complete the form and return to the School Nurse

To donate to the program, click here


Contact Us

Elementary Counseling Dept.
Primary, 607-656-5174
Intermediate, 607-656-9891
Karen Alunni, Primary School Counselor 
Charla Starliper, Intermediate School Counselor  
Alyssa Stolarcyk, School Psychologist