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Greene Central School District

Elementary School Psychologist

Elementary School Psychologist

Alyssa Stolarcyk
Primary 656-5174, Intermediate 656-9891
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
The School Psychologist uses knowledge of learning, behavior, and child development to support students and those working with students (school staff, families, counselors, medical providers, and outside service workers). The School Psychologist’s primary focus is on improving the student’s educational experience through academic, social, and behavioral assessment and interventions. At Greene Primary and Intermediate, these services include:

· Student evaluations for learning concerns

· Student evaluations for behavioral, social, and emotional concerns

· Student screenings for attention difficulties

· Student observations in and out of the classroom setting

· Behavior Intervention Plans

· Individual and Group Counseling

· Consultation with school staff, families, and outside agencies

· Committee on Special Education (CSE)