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Greene Central School District

Motorists Responsibilities with School Buses

School Buses and a Motorist's Responsibility

Drivers have a responsibility to help maintain the safety of children. When approaching a school bus, you must:

Slow down

Flashing yellow lights warn that the bus is about to stop. You should begin to slow your vehicle and prepare to stop.


From either direction, even on divided highways – when a school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing.


Only when the red lights are turned off and bus is again moving, or when waved on by driver or police officer.

Be aware

Children may be approaching a stopped school bus from any direction.


School buses may not turn right on red while transporting students.


It is illegal to pass a school bus displaying its flashing red lights – both on and off school property. If convicted of passing a stopped school bus, the minimum fine is $250 - 400 and/or 30 days in jail for the first offense. Drivers convicted of passing a stopped school bus will also receive a 5-point infraction on their license for each violation. This law is strictly enforced, and all violators will be fully prosecuted.

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