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Math Curiculum
     Below is a general look at the content we will be focussing on in math each month.  In order to get a more specific idea of what your child is learning in class, examine the homework packet he/she is bringing home.  Math homework will be given most school days (except Friday).  Students are generally responsible for completing one page, front and back, of the homework packet.  The front page has a brief overview of what was learned in class that day.  It is a good idea to review that information with your child. 
     You may see students doing math in different ways than you're used to.  Besides the standard algorithms for multiplication and division (the way we learned in school), students are learning how to useother strategies like area models and break-apart expressions to solve these long multiplication and division equations.  The links below will help you better understand these methods.  The links to the right have all sorts of math activities in a variety of topic areas.

Month by Month Content

   -basic multiplication facts & review
   -place value
   -continue addition/subtraction
   -algebra (equations & expressions)
   -begin longer multiplication (2 and 3 digit by one digit)
   -continue longer multiplication (2 digit by 2 digit)
   -long division
   -finish long division
   -begin fractions
   -finish fractions
   -geometry (lines, points, angles, etc)
   -review and preparation for the NYS math test
   -measurement and conversions
Multiplication Links
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