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Christine Sullivan Wins Pie Baking Contest
Greene High School Student Council held its second annual Pie Baking Contest in Mrs. Frair's room Thursday, Nov. 21. Five students entered pies this year - Victoria Milk, Brei Wells, Madison Rice, Grace Wentlent and Christine Sullivan. 
Judging the contest were Mr. DeHaan, Mr. Kuratnick, Mrs. Schieve, Ms. Kriesel, Mrs. Ashman and Ms. Connolly. Pies were judged based upon: Appearance (pre-slice), Consistency of Crust, Flavor, Aftertaste, Originality, Creativity (design, type, presentation), and Overall Impression. There was a 1-5 point system, with 5 being the best.
Christine Sullivan took first place with her Maple Pie with Whipped Topping, edging out Grace Wentlent's Apple, Sage and Cheddar Pie. Christine (and the top three finishers) earned a cash prize for their efforts.
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