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Creating a Smart, Sustainable School District: Understand Greene's Energy Updates
The Greene Central School District recently announced plans to enter into an Energy Performance Contract to perform a series of district-wide energy improvements. Here are some facts to help the community understand this project:

What is an Energy Performance Contract?

An Energy Performance Contract is an agreement to upgrade the district’s energy systems which provides the district guaranteed cost savings. The project and cost savings are monitored by the New York State Education Department.

What are the benefits of an Energy Performance Contract?

There are several benefits. First and foremost, the energy upgrades will improve the overall operation of the district’s facilities, providing the district with much more efficient – and cost-efficient buildings. This is central to our commitment to provide the best possible learning environment for our students. In addition, the upgrades will help to reduce our district’s carbon footprint and create a smart, sustainable district. Just as important, the Energy Performance Contract allows the district to perform these needed upgrades without a direct impact to the taxpayer.

What upgrades will be included?

The Energy Performance Contract will include lighting, building HVAC systems and controls, and upgrades to the building envelope, including insulation and weatherization, at each of our four school buildings and the bus garage.

What is the cost of the upgrades? What will the savings be?

The total cost of the upgrades is approximately $1.9 million. The annual rate of savings is targeted at $101,000 per year, guaranteeing that upgrades will pay for themselves over the life of the contract. 

Do we, the taxpayers, need to approve this project? Will this affect our taxes?

A referendum vote is not required for the district to move forward with the Energy Performance Contract. Because of the substantial cost savings that will be realized by the district, the Energy Performance Contract will pay for itself over the life of the upgrades. There is no direct impact to taxpayers.

Why is the district scheduling a vote?

New York State will reimburse the district approximately 81% of the cost of the self-funded energy upgrades. However, the district has the opportunity to gain an additional 10% aid from New York State if we can demonstrate community support, thereby enhancing our aid even further. A vote will be held asking the taxpayers if they want the district to request the additional state aid.

The community approved a $15 million capital project last year. Are the energy upgrades part of that project?

The work included in the Energy Performance Contract will be completed outside of the district’s capital improvement project, which was approved by voters late last year. Doing so will allow the district to reallocate a portion of the capital project budget to address priority capital needs, such as additional security upgrades, new kitchens in both of the elementary schools, and a cafeteria in the intermediate school.

What if the cost savings are lower than expected?

Under the terms of the Energy Performance Contract, the cost savings are guaranteed. If the level of savings is not met, the contractor for the project must compensate the district for the shortfall. The district is working the John W. Danforth Company, one of the leading and most experienced design build contractors in the northeast, to complete our upgrades. We anticipate a very successful project. Overall, we see this project as a tremendous opportunity for our district, our students and the entire school community.

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