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Board of Education Candidate Statements

April 2024, BOE Candidate Statements
Candidates have been asked to provide a brief statement in 250 words or less as to why they are interested in becoming a member of the Greene Central School Board of Education.  The Board Clerk has posted the statements as she received them and in the order the candidates will appear on the ballot.  Please note that the statements from each candidate have been posted as they were submitted and were not edited in any manner except to create a uniform font.

Brian Milk:  
Hello, my name is Brian Milk.  I am running for my 4th term on the Greene Central School Board of Education.  I am running again because I have a love for the community and the kids of our school district.  I would like to continue my work with the budget for the school which will not get easier every year.  I also feel with most of the board of education being newer members and having a new superintendent that my years of experience will be helpful moving forward.  I continue to want to do what is best for all staff in our school district.  I also want to see what is best for all students whether their path turns into a college or career ready after graduation.  I'm formerly and currently involved in many other programs in our community which included former President of the touchdown club and current board member of the JRC.  I will always make myself available for any questions regarding the School District from anyone in the community.  I would respectfully ask the community to please continue supporting me for the next 3 years as a BOE member.  

Sherwood Fendryk:
My Name is Sherwood L. Fendryk.   I am a lifetime resident of Greene, a 2003 High School Graduate from GCS, and I am looking to give back to my community by being elected to the School Board of Education.  I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice at Sacred Heart University all while continuing my athletic career in wrestling.  I graduated as a 2x D1 Academic All-American and NCAA qualifier with the plan to continue my career at the Olympic level.  I was training at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado to reach this goal but unfortunately my plans changed after I was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2007 resulting in the amputation of the lower half of my left leg.   During rehabilitation, I learned to ski adaptively and through it, I had the incredible opportunity to train and ski with the adaptive Olympic ski team from 2008-2010.  My wife Erika and I are proud community members, and we are currently raising two wonderful children who are enrolled in the elementary school.  Since 2007, I have dedicated my time to fundraising and coaching for various sports programs in our community.  Notably, I have been coaching both youth and varsity wrestling for a long time here in Greene.  I truly appreciate your continuous support and encouragement, which have been instrumental in my personal and professional journey to become a future board member of the Greene Central School district.

Christopher Austin:
Hello my name is Christopher Austin and I am seeking a term on the Greene Central Board of Education. I have lived in Greene most of my life. I have previously served on this board for many years and I am looking to return.  

During my time on the board I worked with a team of members that accompanied many thing such as lower taxes and putting up a proposal for additions one of which included the swimming pool which was a major leap forward for Greene.

I wound ask for your vote to place me back on the board. I look forward to working with a team of  board members and professionals to make sure Greene is a leader in the future for all those that pass through those great doors.

I think a public education is one of the greatest gifts you can give. I like to think that children educated here go on to do great things in the world. Being in a small town really has its perks and one is their school system.  

Best wishes

Christopher Austin 

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