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G.C.S. Students participated in All-County Music Festivals
Every year our Chenango County music teachers host two festivals: the Winter Festival (in January), and the Spring Festival (in March). We rotate the host school, and hold auditions in the fall at Bainbridge-Guilford. These festivals showcase the top students in each district, and after hours of rehearsal, each festival culminates in a concert.

Participants in the Elementary Chorus, Elementary Band, Jr. Band, and Jr. Chorus are in grades 5-8. These students were placed by teacher recommendation.

Participants in the Swing Choir, Senior Chorus and Senior Band are in grades 9-12 and auditioned for placement in the fall.

The following students were participants in the ACAMT All-County Winter Festival:

Jr. Chorus: Alyssa Watson, Sarah Markham, Madelynn Cummings, Madison Pavlovich, Aleana Loveless, Andrea Trifunovic, Cora Bolster, Hanna Collings, Cooper Klumpp, Israel Sepulveda, Geoffrey Walker

Senior Chorus: Quintin Pezzino, Amy Bentley, Mikaela Sepulveda-Kiefer, Gabby Nowalk, Robert Sallai

Elementary Band: Alexis Clark (flute), Ashton Pezzino and Aiden Roth (trumpets)

The following students were participants in the ACAMT All-County Spring Festival:

Elementary Chorus: Colten Smith, Alexis Clark, Morgan Quarella (grade 6), Marissa Kenyon, Camren Ives, Madison Wise, Riley Barker, Marissa Patinka, Austin Viall (grade 5)

Swing Choir: Mikaela Sepulveda-Kiefer

Jr. Band: Andrea Trifunovic, Lindsey Hoyt, Mallory Jeffery (flutes), Madison Pavlovich, Lydia Duman, Caroline Jeffery, Elizabeth Williamson (clarinets), Cora-Mae Bolster (alto saxophone), Kadan Waltz (trumpet), Nick Flynn (trombone), Tony Zukowski (tuba).

Sr. Band: Vicki Fleury (flute), Gabby Nowalk (clarinet), Renée Clark (trumpet), David Hughes (tuba), and Alex Trifunovic (percussion).

 Congratulations to all of our hard-working students, thank you to their parents, and we look forward to years of music to come!

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