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Greene's Way of Going Green!

Greene’s Way of Going Green!

         Many people in the community want to be healthy, but never commit to it. We have a solution! The Green “e” Thumb Club is growing crops for the community. All of these foods will be supplementing the summer lunch program and our school lunch starting in the fall. We are looking to host another meal in the fall as well. There will be three steps to this process. Step one is to plant the batch of seeds, which we have started inside due to our winter-like spring. The second step is to harvest the crops and the last step is to share the foods we have grown!

         Below is a list of plants that we are still looking for to plant this year.

         Plants: Onions (red/yellow) and Peppers(green/red)!

         Seeds: Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes(white/gold) !

         This is all a better way to eat healthy and form a better community for all of us! We welcome your support and invite you to the community meal in the fall. Stay tuned!!!

Written by: Austin deHaan & Christopher Boyle