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Superintendent Letter Addressing Spectators at Outdoor Athletic Events

Good Afternoon

We have received updated guidance from NYS and our local County Department of Health. At this time, the new guidance allows schools to choose whether they want to continue to only allow two spectators per athlete, or if they want to choose to allow up to 200 spectators at each outside event. The major management issue for districts is they are still required to account for all spectators at each event for contact tracing purposes. This puts the burden on the districts to manage who is on their facilities. For this reason, many districts will remain with the two spectator limit.


Greene Central School is going to take an approach that will attempt to meet the needs of our athletes’ families. We will continue to allow two spectators from visiting teams. For home events we will allow four spectators per athlete, or the immediate family of that athlete who resides in their household, whichever is greater. Spectators will still be required to sign in with their contact information for all of our outside events. Due to safety concerns, GCS will not be changing its procedures on indoor events.


We hope this allows more families to enjoy watching their student athletes. We hope that you will continue to respect the constraints we are under and realize that the staff and Greene Central School is working extremely hard to create opportunities for our students and their families. We also hope that people will realize the positive actions of the district.


We wish all of our athletes and coaches good luck in their competitions.


Timothy M. Calice

Superintendent of Schools

Greene Central School