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Greene Middle School Families,
It is hard to believe that we only have 15 weeks left in the school year.  With that in mind, we want to finish this year off as strong as possible. I want to share a few things that are we are focusing on here at the middle school, so we can partner together and help all our middle schoolers finish the year on a high note!
Attendance – Often, the first key to success is showing up.  For many of our students “showing up” now looks different at times, as some students spend some, or all, of their time learning remotely.  Regardless of the learning location, I cannot stress how important it is for students to show up each and every day.  When students start to miss school in-person, or virtually, it quickly has a negative impact on their learning, which then leads to a variety of negative outcomes for the student.  
Grit – We are really pushing the idea and importance of having GRIT with our students at the middle school.  The ability to persevere through difficult circumstances is such an important life skill not only for this moment/school year, but for the rest of our students’ lives.  We want students to understand that struggling through difficult learning, assignments, and situations, and then learning to persevere and grind through them, will help them develop this important characteristic.  Moving forward, the middle school will be recognizing one student from each grade level each month who has been demonstrating grit to receive the new principal’s Grit Award!
Screener – Please remember to check in each of your children using the APP for the COVID screener every day.  This prevents us from having to call your child out of class during the day.
Principal Wilson

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