GCS - 2 Hour Delay - ELA Regents Begins at 10:00 a.m.
GCS - 2 Hour Delay - ELA Regents Begins at 10:00 AM

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Ms. Jensen
       High School Social Studies  
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If you have any questions please email me at sjensen@greenecsd.org.
Global I
Global II

Class Projects

Global II projects: French Revolution,  WWI & WWII.
The French Revolution- short video by Lindsey Branigan, Scotia Craver, Gloria Stracquadanio, and Kim Beckwith.
  The French Revolution    
Original song written and performed by Michael Mulderig with Trevor DeJager.
The Red Baron- short video by Taylor Savage, Christian O'Neil, and Morgan Ayers 
Life in the Trenches- short video by Kalima Bronson and Bridget Kenyon
The D-Day Invasion- video by Mallory Fowler, Bryanna Kinney, & Sara Tanzini
The Atomic Bomb- Prezi by Kady Yanusas 
Global II social media projects: Age of Absolutism 
Mary Tudor - by Hannah Ludolph
Maria Theresa- by Rachel Franciscovich  
Elizabeth I- by Mallory Fowler  
Henry VIII movie preview- by Juliana Myers, 
        Marissa Pavlovich, Mary Klecha, & Nora Gagnon
Ivan IV-by Claire Nolan, Taylor Savage, & Zach Westover 
 Global I Ancient Empires Projects  
Qin Mash-Up: K. Becker, A. Brown,
                         M. Flanagan & M. Ingraham 
Assyria Rap: Joyce Cash
Egypt rap: Gabby Nowalk  
Assyria: Logan Barnett 
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40 South Canal Street    |    Greene, New York 13778    |    Phone 607.656.4161    |    Fax 607.656.9362
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