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Greene Middle School Goes Green!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone grew their own vegetables? The teachers and students at the Greene Middle School have decided to make Greene a little greener. Our goal is to provide fresh food to our school and community that will supplement what the school currently provides. Everyone will be a lot healthier, and our school might even be able to serve freshly grown vegetables during lunchtime to students.

Teachers and students are going to plant simple crops at the middle school. The students will have the opportunity to join the Green“e” Thumb Club, which is a club of students that will take care of the crops after school.  They will plant these crops to provide fresh food for the community and school.  In October, they will harvest the vegetables and serve them at a community meal, where there will be spaghetti and salad. 

There will be four steps in the process. Building raised beds is the first step. So far, we have 3 of 4 beds in place and are working on the 4th. Planting is the second step and this will occur next week. The third step is harvesting the crops, and the fourth step is having a community dinner, where the vegetables will be eaten. The Greene Middle School is still looking for donations. Below is a list of the items we are graciously asking for.

*HOSES: ½ inch hose & 5/8 inch hose

Beefsteak tomato plants

Staking for tomato plants (cage or wood)

This is a great way to form an even better community. We welcome you to support our town and feast on all of our fresh foods in October. If you have any further questions or are interested in donating, please contact Mrs. Furman ( All donations are greatly appreciated.

Written by:

Andrea Trifunovic & Payton Yahner