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Kindergarten Supply List

Suggested list for Greene Kindergarten Students

20 gluesticks

5 pencils

Plastic Pencil Case (5 X 8 size preferred)

2 Erasers

2 boxes of Crayons – 24 count

Scissors – Fiskars (safety tip or blunt tip)

Paint Smock – old oversized shirt works well

2 Pocket Folders

3 Boxes of Tissues

Pre First Supply List

Suggested list for Greene Pre-First Students

12 glue sticks

1 dozen pencils
pencil box (size 5x8: plastic works best to hold most of their supplies)
zipper pouch (to hold pencil, eraser, few crayons)
large erasers
1 boxes of 24 count crayons
scissors - safety or blunt tip
1 composition notebook
Three 2 pocket poly/plastic folders
2 boxes of tissues
Clorox/disinfecting wipes (if you are able to)
sneakers and standard size backpack everyday
art smock (old tshirt works good) 
First Grade Supply List

Suggested supply list for Greene First Grade Students

10 (or more) Glue sticks

1 dozen pencils

Pencil Box (5 X 8 preferred size)

Large erasers

Crayons – 2 Boxes of 24

Art smock (an old t-shirt works great)

Scissors - Fiskars safety tip or blunt tip

3 pocket folders - red, yellow and blue - plastic type (last longer)

2 boxes of tissues



Second Grade Supply List

Suggested Supplies List for Greene Second Grade Students

Gluesticks (for the class to share)

Regular #2 Pencils (no pencil sharpeners are needed)

Pencil Box (5 X 8 size preferred)

Large Erasers

Crayons - Box of 24

Scissors   - Fiskars (safety tip or blunt tip)

2 Marble Composition Notebook

Pocket Folders - 3 different solid colors

Package of colored pencils

Paint smock - old oversized tshirt works well 

Box of ziploc bags

Box of Tissues

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