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Welcome!  I enjoy creating a classroom environment which is built upon a "back to basics" approach with students building a strong foundation on elements of education, while simultaneously embracing new technology and encouraging innovative ideas.  It's my belief that education is most exciting and productive when student-centered.

Incorporating life skills, making real-world connections, and taking a hands-on approach makes learning more relevant and exciting to all, and helps ensure that education is student-centered.

The learning process is most productive when children feel secure while being given high, yet achievable expectations. I like to provide opportunities in our various units of study which challenge students throughout the year and go above and beyond basic curriculum.  
I believe the most important tests to prepare students for are the 'tests' we encounter in real life.
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About Me
On a personal note, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and a Master's Degree in Education. This is my eighteen year as a classroom teacher, thirteen of which have been in an inclusion classroom. My previous educational experience includes teaching an early intervention kindergarten program for a half-year and a year and a half of substitute teaching while pursuing a Master's Degree at night.

I greatly enjoy spending time with my family. My interests include the outdoors, fitness, and investing

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40 South Canal Street | Greene, New York 13778 | Phone 607.656.4161 | Fax 607.656.9362
40 South Canal Street    |    Greene, New York 13778    |    Phone 607.656.4161    |    Fax 607.656.9362
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